Hear ye, hear ye, all ye who pass by ! And welcome to the Compagnon's team of La Rochelle's website!

Culture time: Compagnon means a French Scout between 17 and 21 years old. Contrary to the previous years, the Compagnon doesn't have any Chief, only an Accompagnateur (in English, it would be called a companion, but a companion helping a Compagnon is quite confusing). So the Accompagnateur guide the Compagnon all the way long for his 3 last years as a young in the Scoutism movement. During those 3 years, the Compagnon has a main goal : to build and live a solidarity project on an international dimension. But is the Compagnon show solidarity, he's not a solitary person. He's surrounded by other Compagnons and together, they form a team going from 3 to 8 persons. And in ours, we are 5: Manon, Clémentine, Solène, Adèles et Louis. Ours, it's May Dinn. And you, reading our words, you're kind of May Dinnian too now, because May Dinn means be ours in Irish. And to built this website, it's our way to invite you to follow our project, our progress, and even take part of the achievement of our project if you want to. You can, for example, buy some May Dinn's goodies, talk to your relative about us, donate, or do anything else you want too to help us funding our project.

In short, it's our way to invite you to be ours.